The White Bear

When I was young, like most children, even I had an animal as my best friend. This animal was a small bear. He was given to me as a gift for my 1st birthday.

Unlike most bears which are brown or black, mine was white with yellow paws. He had round back eyes and small soft ears. A yellow nose with black nostrils and a smile stitched with black thread.

He was my world.

I would take him everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I’d ask to hold him at all times. During playtime in the park, during breakfast, lunch and dinner and mainly during nap times.

My mother has the habit of naming my toys for me. A habit that I carry with me till today. My scooter is named reddie (because it’s red). A big teddy bear gifted to my by my husband is named Dhruva. Two rabbits (also soft toys) are named Lava and Kusha. You get the idea. So my mother names my bear Aditya. Aditya is what the Sun is called in Sanskrit.

Now, being a white bear seems nice, because it’s so clean and fresh. And all those beautiful things about a clean white bear is lost when you have a 1 year old dragging it through the house making it brown in 4 weeks.

My parents, as clever as they are, came up with a plan. They told me that my teddy bear belonged to The Sun. That’s why they had named him Aditya. According to the great Sun, I could have Aditya for 2 weeks and the next two weeks the Sun would want him back. I would have him for the two weeks after that, and the cycle continued. This may seem like a lame thing to say to kids these days, but back in the day I fell for it big time. To make it more believable, my aunt and cousin joined in and told me how nicely the Sun will take care of Aditya.

So after two weeks me and my parents would wash the brown bear with hot water and soap and make him white as snow. And like the good girl that I was, I would keep the washed bear on the roof and tell the Sun that he could take him. Obviously, someone would take him away while I slept in the afternoon. And I would wait two weeks to get him back.

Perhaps this was my first long distance friendship. And I loved every bit of it.


One Reply to “The White Bear”

  1. Awesome putta. As I am reading the whole beautiful scene is in front of me. I can even remember the black big horizontal Syntex talk on which we used to keep aditya. Sweet memories. Worth enjoying. Thanks for making this day meaning ful. This is a very very good habit. Pl do continue. The pleasure it gives is just heavenly. All the best in your efforts. May God bless you my child. You reminded my dad.


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