Book Review: The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton

“The man sitting across from me at the cafe was thinking about murdering his wife.
He imagined stabbing her and pretending like it was a robbery. Or perhaps, he thought, he’d take her hiking, push her off a cliff and say it was an accident; that she’d slipped. I wanted to tell him it wouldn’t work, that in those CSI shows on T.V. they always suspected the husband first.”

What started as a free download of Lori Brighton‘s “The Mind Reader” ebook at Amazon, ended with me buying the second and third part of the Mind Readers Trilogy. I spent an entire weekend either reading or thinking about what I read (amidst other tasks). But it was a weekend well spent.

The book, initially, makes you think of the popular Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. But as the book proceeds your only focus will fall on the life of the protagonist, Cameron. As suggested by the title Cameron has mind reading abilities and lives with her grandmother. She initially thinks that there are only a handful of people with such powers but soon discovers that there are countless more, including her dad (who is dead) and her mum (who is a drug addict).

The story moves at a quick pace and new characters are introduced along the way. There have been several occasions where I stopped reading, only to yell WHAT THE HELL at the book as it’s dotted with twists and turns and has unpredictable endings. As a reader, you will probably find yourself lost in Cameron’s world of lies and facts and will feel the pain and excitement while discerning one from the other as the truth and lies seem to be twisted into a big ball.

The end of the first book brings in more curiosity that what I began with. It poses more questions than it answers just before opening a big can of worms. I finished the first book at 2 am and could not wait to read the next two books of the series. And what is the use of high-speed internet if you won’t use it to buy books in the middle of the night! I bought the second and third e-book from amazon and continued to read.


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