Book Review: Yes, My accent is real by Kunal Nayyar

“Every person has a different journey. But no one has an easy one.”
― Kunal Nayyar

I knew Kunal Nayyar as the beloved Rajesh Kootrapalli from The Big Bang Theory. I would have never guessed what it takes for a boy from India to become what he is now. “Yes, My Accent Is Real” is the story of his journey. It’s a collection of reminiscences about badminton, girls, school, family, and most importantly acting.

Though Nayyar claims that this is not a memoir and he explicitly states that he’s not a president, or an astronaut, or a Kardashian and that this is a collection of stories from his life. His tone and the way he talks about his life is definitely funny, even though he doesn’t try too hard to add comedy in between. This book is a good read for anyone who just wants to know how the author got to where he is now.

The author takes you through badminton championships, The Prince and The Pauper (emo band!!!), first kisses, and a lot more. Talking more about it will just wreck the charm that Kunal Nayyar has so easily spread throughout the book. My suggestion would be read it and read it soon!


2 Replies to “Book Review: Yes, My accent is real by Kunal Nayyar”

  1. I never personally paid much attention to the show The Big Bang Theory or the actors who perform on it, but this definitely sounds like an interesting read and one to give better perspective on someone a lot of people probably make assumptions about. Nice review and thanks for the recommendation!

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